Haven Hospice is able to provide comprehensive care because we have assembled an experienced interdisciplinary team. Led by a hospice and palliative care board-certified physician/medical director, the team works together to ensure the best treatment for our patients and families.

Our team consists of:

  • Physicians with access to the latest medical treatments, advanced management of pain and symptoms, and drug therapies
  • Registered nurses skilled in caring for patients in hospice care
  • Nurses’ aides specially trained to care for patients with life threatening illness
  • Counselors/social workers who address a full range of psychosocial needs and services from diagnosis through bereavement
  • Clergy who support patients and families of all faiths
  • Pharmacists with expertise in medications and symptom relief appropriate for hospice patients
  • Physical, Occupational, Speech and Nutritional therapists who support patient function, comfort and communication
  • Trained volunteers who provide support and practical assistance to patients and families

Haven Hospice | 65 James Street, Edison, NJ 08818; 732-321-7769