Volunteers are an essential part of the Haven Hospice program, providing compassionate and practical support to patients and families. Volunteers make the lives of patients and their loved ones easier through tasks that may include:

  • Keeping patients company while a caregiver does household chores, focuses on other family members, or takes a much-needed nap
  • Remaining with the patient while a caregiver runs errands or enjoys lunch with friends, a movie or a haircut
  • Reading aloud to the patient
  • Reiki
  • Taking short walks with physically able patients
  • Completing small tasks, like simple meal preparation
  • Picking up and delivering necessities
  • Helping patients complete paperwork or write letters
  • Being a caring listener for loved ones who wish to share conversation, memories and concerns

Our training program gives volunteers both knowledge and confidence, and continuing education opportunities ensure that they continue building their awareness of issues affecting patients and families. In addition, numerous administrative support and clerical opportunities are available for Haven Hospice volunteers.

Volunteers can choose their hours to accommodate their personal schedules, which enables Haven Hospice to benefit from the contributions of adult volunteers from many career and life stages.

If you are interested in becoming a Haven Hospice volunteer, please call us at 732.321.7769 to discuss our volunteer program.

Haven Hospice | 65 James Street, Edison, NJ 08818; 732-321-7769