Haven Hospice has the uniquely rewarding opportunity to serve patients, families and caregivers, and the bereaved. We also sponsor programs that reach into the community to provide education and support.


Haven Hospice, a not-for-profit organization, serves patients of all ages who reside in Middlesex, Union and Somerset counties. We pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to respect and embrace the individual and personal needs of our patients and their families. Our patients include children, veterans, and individuals of diverse orientations, backgrounds, financial status and diagnoses.

Haven Hospice accepts patients regardless of their ability to pay. That said, Medicare, Medicaid and a growing number of private insurance plans cover some portion of hospice care.

Families & Caregivers

Families and caregivers play an essential role in each patient’s hospice experience, providing emotional support, contributing to the patient’s care and well-being, and being part of care planning. The role is both emotionally fulfilling and challenging, so we sponsor several programs specifically designed to assist caregivers, including the Support and Bereavement groups and the Volunteer Program.

The Bereaved

Haven Hospice offers support to individuals anticipating and experiencing the loss of a loved one. These programs include Memorial services and Support and Bereavement Groups.


Haven Hospice is proud of our long history of service to the local community through programs and services. Click here for details.

These programs offer emotional support as well as a space to share feelings or simply listen to others’ stories. Our professional staff also guides loved ones through the process of grieving and helps them gain coping skills that will enable them to move on after loss.

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