What is hospice?
Hospice care refers to the type of care available for those experiencing life-threatening illness where cure may no longer be feasible. It is an interdisciplinary team-driven model where the patient and the family are always considered the “unit of care.” Hospice is a philosophy of care, not a place. Haven Hospice, based at JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey, is a complete resource for patients with advanced, life threatening illness. We focus on comfort and palliative care rather than cures, offering at-home and inpatient services that address patients’ physical and emotional needs. We also offer services and programs that support patients’ loved ones. Our team members will provide the information you need to choose the best options for your unique situation.

When do people use Haven Hospice?
Haven Hospice serves patients and families coping with the end stages of life threatening illness. They turn to us when increasingly aggressive medical treatment is either no longer available or desirable.

Is hospice care a last resort?
Hospice is a life-affirming approach to care, not a last resort. It is a comfort-oriented option that helps patients and their families make the most of a patient’s remaining lifespan. Hospice care is completely optional. If a patient chooses to pursue aggressive curative care options, he or she may leave hospice and retain the option to return for hospice care a later date.

Does admission to hospice mean that a patient will die faster?
No. Individuals in hospice care often live longer than anticipated, given the special physical, emotional and spiritual care they receive. Hospice honors the body’s natural processes and responds appropriately. Medications may be used to address other non-life-threatening conditions and to increase patient comfort. Some research suggests patients may live longer on hospice than those who do not choose hospice care.

How can families remain involved in their loved one’s care?
An essential part of our mission is to keep families close and involved in their loved one’s life and care. We communicate with both patients and families so that every process, procedure and service is understood. Team members are available around the clock, every day, to assist both patients and families as they participate in the care plan.

Can patients continue seeing their regular physicians?
We encourage communication between Haven Hospice staff and our patient’s healthcare providers to ensure continuity of care. The hospice team regularly updates the physician and seeks medical guidance. The patient’s personal physician is an important part of the Haven Hospice team.

Will insurance cover hospice care?
Medicare, Medicaid and a growing number of private insurance plans cover some portion of hospice care. All U.S. citizens age 65 and older are entitled to Medicare coverage for hospice at the end of life. No one is denied services due to inability to pay.

How does your large team of professionals provide personalized care?
We carefully select each member of our Haven Hospice team to ensure that each patient receives the highest quality care and is treated with dignity and respect. Team meetings enable us to remain aware of each patient’s changing needs. Most importantly, we listen to our patients and their families in order to incorporate special needs and requests into the patient’s plan of care.

What does the community say about Haven Hospice?
Haven Hospice regularly sends satisfaction surveys to the families of patients we have served. We routinely place in the 99th percentile (the highest score possible) of family satisfaction scores.

Besides satisfaction surveys, how do I know the care is “quality care?”
Hospice is held to the same level of quality and safety standards as are hospitals. Haven Hospice has passed all state, Federal, and accrediting agency surveys. Haven Hospice is currently an approved Medicare and Medicaid provider and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

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