Home Hospice Care

Patients can receive hospice care in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by loved ones and friends. They can learn about and share their children’s and grandchildren’s lives, sleep amid familiar sounds, and awaken to the natural rhythms of their family and neighborhood. At home, patients can tend to their own garden or simply relax and appreciate the home they lovingly created over a lifetime. They may appreciate visits from friends who drop by as well as the adoration of beloved pets. Home Hospice Care helps families and patients continue the normal patterns and pleasures of life.

Inpatient Hospice Care

Patients needing short-term acute inpatient hospice care find comfort in the 7,000 square-foot Mary Anne Hale Pavilion at JFK Medical Center. This home-like unit features five private patient suites, a library, a meditation room, an entertainment center, Jean’s Garden, a nutritional center and a play therapy area for children.

Patient suites are elegantly decorated in soothing colors with wood flooring and exquisite window treatments that enhance large windows and natural sunlight. Furnishings include a bed, dressers, nightstands, a desk, club chairs and an entertainment armoire containing a television and radio. Medical equipment can be discreetly tucked away into over-the-bed hideaway units.

Family visiting time is encouraged and unlimited, and loved ones can be accommodated on overnight stays. Nutrition plans match each patient’s preferences, and, whenever possible, families are encouraged to bring in the patient’s favorite foods from home. Patients are also invited and encouraged to receive visits from their beloved pets.

Long-term and Assisted Living Care

Residents of long-term and assisted living facilities and their families are eligible to receive and benefit from our full complement of Haven Hospice services. Haven Hospice augments the care provided by the facility staff and brings end-of-life expertise and symptom management to the bedside.

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